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Awesome Gift Ideas For The Teenage Boy

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for The Teenage Boy In Your Life:

What do you get that teenage boy in your house? He is growing up so fast, yet at time he is still your little boy. He likes playing video game, listens to loud music and sometime talks a language your not sure is the same one that you speak at time.

There are many days you don't understand him at all, but now that the holidays are upon us you need to find him a gift. If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for that teenage boy on your Christmas list and you need a little help, then here are 5 gift ideas to get you started.

1. Paintball Guns

What is the natural instinct that drives teenage boys to want to hunt each other down? Whatever it is, you can feed this instinct safely by giving a gift of paintball guns and equipment. There are complete kits you can purchase at retail stores for reasonable prices. .

2. Team Jersey

The majority of teenage boys are into some sort of sport. Whether it is basketball, football, baseball, or NASCAR racing, he most likely has a favorite team or sports hero. Buy him a jersey from his team. Even better, find a jersey with the number of his favorite player.

3. Jeans

Most teenage boys wear jeans most of the time, which means they always need new ones. Just make sure you buy the style he likes. Some teenage boys like snug-fitting jeans, while others like their jeans baggy. Carpenter or painter jeans are also popular. Whatever the style, this is the "can't miss" gift, because there is no such thing as too many jeans.

4. Snowboards

Christmas is a great time for winter sports. This year might be the perfect opportunity for your teenager to get into snowboarding, and simple snowboards can be purchased at a relatively low price. The thrill of conquering a new challenge motivates many a teenage boy, and snowboarding will give him a way to release some energy and add excitement to the winter months.

5. Video Game Magazine Subscription:
Generally speaking, teenage boys are suckers for video games. If the guy on your list has a game system, such as X-Box, PlayStation, or Nintendo, you can get him a subscription to the corresponding magazine. He'll get inside information and screen shots from upcoming games, ratings of current games, and, best of all -- demo discs. These demo discs let him play portions of games before they even come out, which helps him decide what games he really likes and wants to buy.

Mission Accomplished:

Head out to the mall armed with the above list and a little shopping savvy, and you have a way better chance of finding the ideal gift. Soon he will be saying, "DUDE, that is so cool!"

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding The Best Gifts for Boys Ages 10 to 13 Years

My 5 Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 10 to 13 Years Old:

Finding the right gifts for boys ages 10 to 13 years is hard. These are the tween years and boys this age can be difficult at times. They are really starting to get interested in sports, outdoor activities and video games, but peer pressure is starting to influence some of their decisions. They are interested in the latest trends in clothing, outdoor gear, toys and video games. Many boys at this age are starting to show an interest in  hobbies like woodworking, model building and collecting items like baseball card. I have done some research and came up with a list of 5 gift ideas for boys this age that will help parents and other family members find the best gifts for boys ages 10 to 13 years on their list.

1. LEGO Mindstorms EV3:

My first pick is the Lego Minestorm series. This series is Lego's all grown up and was designed for boys this age. This series of Lego's combine the versatility of the LEGO building system with the most advanced technology ever developed, unleashing the creative powers of you child mind. They can build robot with touch sensor, color sensor, infrared sensor and 550+ LEGO Technic elements from this set. I love this set as it's the next step in the mindstorm series that Lego developed years ago that many High School Robotics clubs use to complete in Lego contest. This is the perfect gift for a boy that show an interest in Engineering. I know because this is how my son started getting into robotics and is now getting his BS in electrical engineering with a minor in Robotics.

2.  Battroborg 3-in-1 Battle Arena:

This is the hottest toy this year for boys of all ages, but the age that will really enjoy these robot are between the ages of 10 to 13 where they can battle their friends in this arena. These Battroborgs are the next innovation in robot gaming technology to hit the market this year. Battroborgs are motion controlled battling robots fueled by your fists and this 3-in-1 Battle Arena offers multiple ways to play. This arena allow the Battroborg to battle in three different, competitive game modes, along with training. The arena includes 2 Robots one red and one green with Nanchaku Controllers, 4 Training Drones and instruction sheet.

3. Maisto R/C 1:24 1967 Ford Mustang:

This RC car is a great start for any boy that wants to get into a fun hobby of racing cars around a track or share an interest with his Dad as both father and son would love this car. They will enjoy the authentic styling and fast RC control of the Maisto RC 1967 Ford Mustang. Your son can drive this '67 Mustang down a high-speed course with the full-function radio controller. The dashboard-style controller includes left-right steering and forward-reverse motion. Like all Maisto RC models, this Mustang's controls offer a choice between multiple frequencies, so it can race against other Maisto RC vehicles. This RC Mustang is built to 1:24 inch scale, but the true beauty of this car is it's authentic styling and pro-touring modifications.

4. Skylanders SWAP Force - Nintendo 3DS:

This is the only Video game that I have included on my list of toys, but for boys this age it hard not to have at least one video games since they are so interested in these types of toys. So the reason that I have included this one is not only could it be played on a wide variety of game systems, but  it also comes with 3-Skylanders Figures, a Character Collector Poster, 3-Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes and 3-Trading Cards along with the video game. Plus you can collect more characters to add to the game. Boys age 10 to 11 might enjoy this video game more, than the older boys.

5. Nerf N-Strike Blazin Bow Blaster: 

The latest bow from Nerf is the Nerf Blazin' Bow. It comes with 3 foam arrows, nylon string/rope, an arrow holder, instructions, and the bow. With the Blazin' Bow, the nylon string/rope, and the arrow holder are already in place by Nerf. This blaster has a 20-inch wingspan with gives it launching power to hit targets up to 40 feet away and it is easy to reload fast from the blaster's arrow storage compartment

Some other gift ideas might be bikes, skateboards or sports gear that will help keep your son active in his favorite sport. My two sons at this age loved Hockey and skateboarding. They want sticks, pucks and a Goaly net to practice everyday. This is just some of my suggestions for fun Christmas gift ideas for boys ages 10 to 13 years old.   Use this list to either purchase these toys or to come up with some ideas of different toys that your son might like this year.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 8 to 10

My Five Top Picks For Boys 8 to 10: 


Boys in this age range have so many different interest that seem to be going on at the same time. Sports and sports heroes start to be come a fixture at this age. They want to be like their favorite sport star and will really focus on learning how to play the game. Getting into new hobbies like wood working, collecting comic books and building models start to appeal to this age. 

Studying might take a bit of a back seat, but some subjects like Art and Science are still cool to this age. They also like building toys like Lego,but want them themed to things they enjoy like Star wars, Ninjas and etc. RC toys are a big hit or any thing that has to do with their hobbies make a great gift for this age.  My top five picks for boys 8 to 10 will include some ideas from all these different areas to help you find the right gift for your son or give you some ideas of other gifts that your son might like to make that special day a big hit.

1. Lego: Star Wars Tiin's Jedi Star Fighter
This Lego set features a Jedi Star fighter that your son needs to build himself. It has an open cockpit, detachable escape pod function, retractable landing gear, droid cockpit, light saber holder, 4 flick missiles and 2 Light sabers. This set has 244 pieces that also include 3 mini figures: Saesee Tiin, Astromech Droid R3-D5 and Even Piell that will add to the fun of building and playing with this set. As with all Lego sets, each one can be used with other sets in the series to create that world or mixed with their other sets to allow your child to use his imagination to design his own world.


                                                                                  2. Erector Super Construction Set: next pick is a toy that bring back memories to me of my sons playing. My oldest son loved these toys as he could build his own models, then powering them up to run. This is a toy that has been around awhile, in fact I had one when I was growing up too. Boys can build up to 50 different models using the illustrated instructions, or they branch out with their own creations. From cars to planes to helicopters, there is so much that can be built with the 610 plus pieces that come with this set. A six-volt battery-powered motor makes the models come alive. This is a great toy for boy that is ready to move to the next level when it comes to building toys.

3. Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter:

This Helicopter is the perfect RC toys for starting a new hobby. They are not high priced, but still fun to use. The controls on this Helicopter are easy for a beginner to work with and learn how to operate an RC toys, but the best thing is that this toy will be enjoyed by both father and son as they fly it all over the house. This Helicopter has 3-channel, Infrared Controls that allow for Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down movements. A metal frame for durability and is easy to fly.

4. Snap Circuits SC-300: 

This toy is one of my favorite picks as it is both an educational toy and fun to play with too. Any boy at this age that is into science or interested in how electronic products work will love the Snap Circuits sets. These sets makes learning electronics easy and fun for any child. Snap Circuits have one several awards as one of the top educational toys on the market. But the best part is that it allows you to build over 300 projects with the 60 snap together pieces that require no tools and a concise, easy to follow manual. Your son will enjoy hours of educational fun while learning about electronics.

5. 4 in 1 Cool  Tool Work Shop:

Young carpenters can safely create and build real wood projects just like dad with this combination drill press, jigsaw, sander and lathe. This wood shop toy will help them develop wood working skill and create the begin of a new hobby that will bring years of fun. The woodworking equipment functions and performs like real carpentry machinery, but with rigorous built-in safety features to protect kids from the possibility of injury. The 4-in-1 Cool Tool Workshop includes equipment, wooden practice dowels, 4 wood samples, power supply and deluxe project book, as well as extra blades, sanding disks and extra tool parts.

Every parent need some idea or suggestions on what's out there to help them find some Christmas gifts that are not all electronic related, but will still be used by their children at this age. These gift ideas for boys ages 8 to 10 are just a starting point for parents or other family members to discover some great toys that might give them more ideas on other toys that are similar to these ones listed.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys 6 to 8

My Five Favorite Gift Ideas for Boys 6 to 8:

Boys this age are fun to buy for with all the cool toys on the market. My two boys at this age loved Lego, any super hero cartoon characters and games of all kinds. 6 to 8 year old boys are active and energetic making it hard for them to sit still for long periods of time.We all know that boys love electronic toys, but  why not also purchase toys that will keep them entertained and burn off some of the energy during the day.

 Another thing that boys love at this age is using their imaginations and playing with their friends. A great way to allow them to use their imaginations are toys like Lego,action figures and craft toys. Craft toys are a great way to allow little boy to express themselves and lead to better grades at school as they come up with their own designs. So here is a list of my five fun Christmas gift ideas for boys 6 to 8 to help give you something to consider when buying gifts for your boys in this age bracket.

1. Lego: Ninjago

These are one of my favorite toys for boys. The whole series of Lego toys are great for hours of play and letting boy create all types of their own designs, but the Ninajago sets are based off the cartoon. These sets allow boys to become ninja warriors and battle the bad guys.  This set features the golden mech, opening sides, 4 elemental blade holders, trapdoor, weapons rack, gong and a ladder, along with 5 mini figures. They are: Lloyd (golden ninja), Lord Garmadon, Sensei Wu, scout and swordsman.


2. Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster

Nerf blaster are a fun interactive toys that let boys run around and fire at each other with soft darts. Some parents might not like guns or want to encourage violent behavior, but I have found raising my two boys that some how they are draw to these type of toys. So why not control the type of gun toy that come into your house and purchase one that is both soft and safe for children. I picked out the Strongarm Blaster because it looks more sci-fi, then like a real gun. My boys played with these types of toys with each other and their friend. They still have their Nerf blasters today sitting on their book shelves.

3. Hot Wheels Car Maker Play Set:

Show me a boy at this age that doesn't love collecting and playing with cars. There cars have been around for generations and everyone remembers their first hot wheel car. The race sets are perfect for playing indoors as your son snap together these set to create his own race track design. But I decided to go one better than just purchasing the cars. This Ultimate Car maker lets your son or daughter design and make their own custom hot wheel car. If your not sure you want the mess, then consider just purchasing a set of hot wheel cars and race tracks.

4. Science Kits:

Do you have a budding future Scientist in your house or just a boy that like experimenting with things? These Science kits are great for young boys that want to learn how the world around them works. These kits by Poof-Slinky allow your young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of basic science tools. And the best part about these types of toys is that your son doesn't even realize that it's an educational toys because he is having so much fun. There are several kits in this series created by Poof-Slinky to choose from or you can purchase them all this Christmas and turn your son into a science wiz.




5. Rock'Em Sock'Em  Robots:

Want your son to enjoy a classic game from your childhood? A game that you might have played yourself with friends that is fun. Then check out this 1966 classic game of  battling robots that try to knock each others blocks off. The two opponents are Red Rocker and Blue Bomber. They will battle it out in the arena,until one of them land the right punch to his opponent's jaw and causing the head to pop up with a gotcha sound. This game may be a classic but it is still alot of fun for everyone in the family to play.  I just had to add this game,because it was one that I had as a child and it brings back so many memories of playing with my friends.

These toys are just some of my suggestions for fun Christmas gift ideas for boys ages 6 to 8 years old. Use this list to either purchase these toys or to come up with some ideas of different toys that your son might like this year. 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for 4 To 6 Year Old Boys


My Top 5 Picks of  Cool Christmas Gifts for 4 to 6 Year Old Boys:

Are you looking for ideas about Christmas gifts for young boy between the ages of 4 to 6 years old? Have boys this age that you need to find gifts for this Christmas, but don't want just the top selling toys on television to be the only thing that your child finds under the tree this year. Are you just looking for some ideas that will make the boys this age on your list smile and think your the best? Then read this list of 5 ideas or recommendations from a mother of two sons that has purchased toys for this age. 

1. Legos: 

My first pick is Lego, those little blocks have been around for years and they just seem to be getting better. The best thing is they come in a variety of different sets that will appeal to any boy this age and they grow with them every year. These sets also come in a range of sizes and prices for any budget. My favorite sets for boys this age are the, Lego Building Sets that come in a box, Lego City and Many of the Duplo sets. The Lego City series are for boys between the ages of 5 to 12 years. If you don't want to purchase the series set, then the block sets in their own box are the best starter set for boys this age. My boys started with the basic set first and kept adding more sets every year.

2. Wood Building Blocks:

My second pick is building blocks made from wood. You can either purchase a set or have someone in the family make these for that special boy. My dad made wood toy blocks for my sons and them loved them.  The nice thing about these sets is you can also find them at arts and crafts show from different woodworkers and you are not limited to just building blocks. Some woodworker's make cars, trains and name puzzles. These toys last a long time and are a very special gift to any child as not everyone in the neighborhood owns these toys.

3. Role Playing Costume Sets: 

This gift idea is not just for little girls any more. Little boys love to wear costumes too. These costumes let them use their imaginations and pretend to be their favorite superhero, a firemen or policemen. Young boys enjoy mimicking the adult men in their lives or their favorite superhero on T.V and role playing is one way for them to learn about the world around them. These costume sets from Melissa and Doug allow them to dress just like their role models and not just for Halloween. These set are more for a 4 year old or younger boy. Another type of toy along this line is cooking pots and pans or food play sets that allow them to have fun preparing their own meals. 

4. Trains, Planes and Car Sets:

The next pick on my top five list are train, planes and car sets. I have not met a young boy yet that isn't in love with these types of  toys. From the little wood train that runs across the floor to Thomas the train engine sets that you can purchase in any retail or online store boys love toys that move. Cars sets that race are a blast for this age group and a RC toys made just for this age are a huge hit as they drive them across dirt, sand and more. My sons sent hours playing with these types of toys by themselves and with friends. And lets face it even big boys like these types of toys as many of them still enjoy the hobbies of building train sets, collecting cars or flying RC planes.

5. Action Figures: 

My last pick is the classic action figure. These figures are a favorite toy for any boy from GI Joe to Transformers these toys are still going strong. They let young boys act out all their favorite scenes from cartoons,television shows or movies. The action figure is a great way to encourage boys this age to use their imagination and burn off some energy. The range of action figures on the market will appeal to any boy this age as they are based off their favorite superheros, cartoon characters or television shows. Many of these action figures have accessories that are interactive and proved hours of fun play. My favorite action figure sets are Jake and The Never land Pirates and Transformers. Transformers are the action figures that my boys played with when they were young.

This is my recommendation of the top 5 Christmas gifts for 4 to 6 year old boys. I wanted to create this list to give parents, grandparents and relatives of boys this age some ideas or suggestions on what they enjoy at this age and how to make buying that Christmas gift for that special boy in your life a little easier for you.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Christmas Shopping for Boys

Suggestions on Christmas Shopping for Boys:

Christmas is a truly magical season that is enjoyed by many but no one enjoys the Christmas season more than kids. It might be the excitement of some well deserved time off from school, the allure of the lights and decorations, the beauty of the snow that often accompanies Christmas or just the anticipation of Santa and his sleigh filled with toys that is so exciting for children but it is evident that most kids are truly enchanted by Christmas. For this reason many adults truly enjoy shopping for kids and Christmas time. 

While Christmas shopping for boys is a great deal of fun there are some factors to consider when Christmas shopping. The first is selecting age appropriate toys, this includes finding toys that are not to noisy or too big for the boy you have in mine. The second is finding out what toys the boys already have and what the parents consider to be acceptable.And  the last step is selecting a toy the boy will enjoy. This can make Christmas shopping for boys a little more difficult but does not make the shopping any less fun.

How to Find Age Appropriate Toys:

Selecting age appropriate toys is very important when shopping for boys, because the are more active and adventurous. The first thing to check out is the age range on the toy, because toys that are designed for older boys might be potentially dangerous for the younger boy. Most manufacture's of toys have an age range posted on the box, if you don't see one then error on the side of caution and don't purchase that toy. A good  example of a toy is Legos. They are designed for children over the age of three, because they contain small pieces which pose a choking hazard, but their Duplo line is perfect for this age. 

Boys this age still have a habit of putting toys in their mouths.  You should only purchase toys that contain large pieces or recommended for the infant to toddler range. Conversely a boy who is too old for a particular toy may become quickly bored with the toy. Young boys enjoy toys that will keep them active,but also allow them to use their imaginations or play with friends. This group enjoys board games, action figures and of course video games, but even those need to be age appropriate. Teens and Tweens boys are a little hard to buy gifts for most grandparents or parents. This age still likes video games, but other gift ideas might be music, RC toys, sport items or anything to do with their hobbies.

When Shopping for Christmas Gifts for Boys:

It is also important to consider the boy's parents and the living situation, if you are the grandparent or relative. This includes the size of the home and the proximity to neighbors especial with toys that can be considered loud like drum sets. This is really an important consideration for families who lives in apartments or condos. Another thing to consider before buying large toys such as a trampoline, swing sets and basketball hoops is the yard. Do you have the room to accommodate such a gift? That also goes for large indoor items such as foosball and pool tables if you don't have a dedicated room to accommodate such large items. As a general rule it is best to stick with toys that are can easily be stored, but still entertain the child.

The last idea, but sometimes the best one when shopping for a boy of any age is to have him make a Christmas list of what he wants this year, before you go out shopping. This can be helpful for a couple of different reasons. First you will get an insight into what your son wants for Christmas and learn more about his interests. Second you can control the type of toys that you want in the home or allow your son to explore a new hobby. The best reason is you can stay with in a budget, yet still enjoy the excitement of Christmas when he opens a gift that he wanted.